The equipment itself is of little use on it own – the value lies in identifying steps businesses can take to improve water use efficiency and crop profitability.

We train customers on how the technology works and to appraise the success of existing irrigation practices. Soil moisture monitoring enables clear visualization of irrigation management in terms of how water infiltrates into the soil, how it is utilized by plants or lost to evaporation and deep drainage. 

Often existing irrigation infrastructure is under performing and we assist customers identify and prioritize where hardware can be changed, within budgets, to maximize financial benefit and water use efficiency.

Hence our business is people based. We offer a range of training and support options and are flexible in our approach. Some customers request interpretive services on a daily or weekly basis, others we comprehensively train on all aspects of the equipment and data interpretation.

We work with local dealers in the MENA region that have capacity to install, support and service the equipment.