Worldwide there is a growing impetus for more efficient use of water. Australia, being the driest continent on earth, has been at the forefront of developing water use efficiency.

Our business was initially established to provide expertise in Irrigation management in cropping in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region) as well as Australia.

The MENA region is characterized by high usage of non-renewable ground water and increasing over extraction of renewable water. Subsidized energy costs have enabled water to be drawn deep down from wells and lifted high from rivers to produce crops. 

As agricultural area expands, irrigated cropping is increasingly vulnerable to both reliably securing water and containing the cost of extraction due to rising energy prices. This is most apparent in countries struggling to afford the ongoing subsidization of fossil fuels.

Our clients reduce water use and increase yields and profitability through better water management.  We have been involved in Irrigation monitoring and the provision of advice in nearly all-agricultural crops grown in the MENA region since 1998.