Soil Moisture Monitoring Equipment

We provide Sentek soil moisture monitoring equipment and our customers have been using it since 1998. In many instances original equipment is still working on farms over 15 years since installation.

The Sentek soil moisture probes are highly accurate, robust and designed to be installed without soil profile disturbance. They give precise information on when to irrigate and how much to Irrigate.

We provide fixed site and portable monitoring systems. These include: 

                                 Screw-cap version

                                 Screw-cap version

EnviroSCAN- Probe

The award winning EnviroSCAN™ probe is the flagship product of Sentek, providing the user with great flexibility for a diverse range of applications.

Features include:

  • Multiple sensors with flexible depth placement (at 10 cm increments)
  • Monitoring from shallow depths (0 - 10 cm) to deep installations (> 5 metres)
  • Fully customizable sensor depth settings
  • Up to 16 sensors on one probe        
  • In-built probe orientation and depth settings to enhance sensor repeatability
  • Full serviceability
  • Flexible connectivity for wide range of data retrieval options


TriSCANprobe5sensor cropped.jpg

TriSCAN Probe

The TriSCAN- Probe provides measurements of both soil water and salinity. By employing a patented measurement technique the TriSCAN- Probe is able to distinguish between soil water content and salt content. This information is then processed using a Sentek derived model to calculate soil volumetric ion content (VIC) separately from the Volumetric Water Content. VIC Data allows the user to see the effectiveness of fertigation and monitor changes of salinity in the soil profile over time.

The TriSCAN- sensor is designed for fertilizer and salinity management in agriculture, research, and environmental applications. The TriSCAN- sensor is optimized for use in sands and sandy loams, and is currently not suitable for clays.

TriSCAN Probes are available in both the EnviroSCAN and Drill and Drop range.



Drill & Drop Probe

The Drill & Drop is a fully encapsulated, easy to install, soil moisture measurement probe. Probes are available in three lengths, 60cm (24”), 90cm (36”) and 120cm (48”), with sensors fixed at every 10cm (4”) increment. 

Purchase options are soil moisture and temperature sensors or soil moisture and temperature and salinity. 

The Drill & Drop is ideally suited to situations where a monitoring probe may need to be moved between sites in short term and annual crops. Completely encapsulated electronics also allows the probe to be completely buried making it suitable for longer-term installations, where machinery will pass often, such as irrigated fodder production

Sentek Drill and Drop Video


Diviner 2000 Probe

Diviner 2000- is a portable and robust device measuring soil water over multiple depths (at 10 cm intervals) in the profile. Diviner 2000 consists of a probe and hand-held data logging display unit allowing the user to make onsite management decisions at up to 99 sites.

The Diviner 2000- probe is available in 3 lengths, 0.7 metre, 1.0 metre and 1.6 metres making it ideal for a wide range of applications. The patented "Swipe and Go" technology means that Diviner 2000 does not need to be held at each individual depth in the soil profile. To take a reading the encapsulated capacitance sensor is simply swiped in and out of the access tube, measuring up to 16 depths in just a few seconds. 

Features include:

  • Portable
  • Light weight
  • Automatic depth sensing (up to 16 depths)
  • Inbuilt probe orientation to increase sensor repeatability
  • Quick, accurate and precise
  • Access tubes are compatible with EnviroSCAN- probes enabling future upgrade to continuous monitoring



Diviner2000- Display Unit

Features include:

  • Data viewed on the large backlit LCD display screen 
  • Graphical and tabular display of data allowing for instant management decisions
  • Data readily downloaded into Sentek's IrriMAX software



IrriMAX software

Data collected from the soil moisture probes is viewed in easy to read software, which has been developed by Agronomists over 20 years.

Key features are:

  • Simple graphics
  • Display of individual depth levels or summed profile data. 
  • Fast, simple and intuitive zooming and scrolling functions and tools 
  • Functional workspace showing graphic overview and fuel gauges of soil water status from multiple sites.
  • Definition of a crop’s growth stages, allowing changeable management lines as the crop grows and the root zone develops. 
  • Various graph type options, including line and bar graphs, and change bars showing changes in soil water status over a given period of time.  
  • Simple importing of other key data sets relating to soil moisture and salinity data (e.g rainfall, irrigation, ETo, leaf wetness, humidity, soil temperatures, soil matric potential).
  • Simple option for email and backup of workspaces and graphs. 
  • Capacity to add Rainfall data, Max & Min temperature, Daily water loss from soil 
  • There are Standard and Premium software licenses, providing a powerful platform for standard users with a suite of advanced features as a premium option. 



IrriMAX live

This is a web-based platform of the IrriMAX desktop software and allows multiple users to view data on any mobile device (laptop / tablet or smart phone). The functionality is similar to IrriMAX and it is possible to download data from IrriMAX live into IrriMAX software.

Some unique features with Live included the capacity to view soil moisture dynamics in “2D” – that is to look at wetting front development radially from drip irrigation when probes are placed in a row.